Income from Freelance Writing

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There are many income opportunities online these days. Freelance writing seems to be amongst the most lucrative way to earn good money.

There are many sites online which pays good amount of money to the writers on the site. The pay varies anywhere from $1.00 to $1.00 per article. Some pay even higher than $100 and some sites even lower than $1.00.

The essential requirement for a freelance writer is good written communication and perfect English and grammar. There are writers who are paid more than a dollar for every word. Those writers have excellent command over the language and also have years of writing experience behind them.

The best way to start is to start and start by finding writing site that pays well. I have listed below few of the writing sites that pay members for their writing work.

  • 1) Bukisa
  • 2) Triond
  • 3) Associated Content
  • 4) Helium

These 4 above are amongst the most reputable sites that have been paying its members since quite some time and are a good site for writers who want to begin their freelance writing career. Amongst the above 4 sites Associated Content and Helium also offers upfront payment to its writers through Paypal. Triond and Bukisa do not offer their writers upfront payment however they pay their writers based on the performance views the article generates. The more views the article gets the more you earn. The maths is quite simple.

Most of the writing sites require you to have a Paypal account which is how you will receive funds for the writing work you have done.


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