Increase Security and Functionality with Encrypted Flash Drives

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Encrypted flash drives are the best way to increase your company’s security by design and at a reasonable cost. Using any other drive is only asking for theft or corruption of your data. The use of encrypted flash drives won’t impede your people as they are both secure and functional. Transfer rates are high, storage capacity is more then adequate and they are secure. But they will stop thieves and hackers from gaining access. Adopting encrypted flash drives like the ones produced by SanDisk Enterprises is a good investment in your company security.

Increase Security with Encrypted Flash Drives

Utilizing encrypted flash drives with central control software and hardware based passwords increases the security of data you use everyday. If the flash drive is lost the drive can drive can immediately be terminated.  Or if the drive is stolen by a thief who attempts to hack the drive the strong authentication process will lock down the drive. The fact that an encrypted flash drive is separate from the operating system the drive port control and drive control are complete. An encrypted flash drive increases the security of data that needs to be transported and prevents the exposure of important information.

The encrypted flash drives will not only prevent thieves and hackers from gaining access to the confidential information but it will prevent access to the operating system as well. Many times the point of gaining access is not to steal but to corrupt but encrypted flash drives partition the files in the drive making them more secure against corruption from viruses. The anti-virus software used by in SanDisk Enterprise encrypted flash drives protect data and central operating systems from attacks that may be uploaded into the host system. This helps increase security system wide and not just in drives.

Functional Encrypted Flash Drives

An important feature of encrypted flash drives must be a high level of functionality for personnel using them. The varied people using the drives will want a unit that is easy to use and secure. One aspect of functionality that is important is the data transfer rates. SanDisk Enterprise produces encrypted flash drives such as the Cruzer FIPS. This unit features an ultra-fast transfer rate of 24MB for reading and 20MB for writing. Personnel using them report good results. Encrypted flash drives are available with up to 8GB capacity as well.

In order to bring this level of functionality to your company decide encrypted flash drives will be used by all personnel with not exception. Let everyone know that only encrypted flash drives will be authorized for use. This will reduce a great liability to data corruption and compromise. Purchasing encrypted flash drives like the ones offered by SanDisk Enterprise will prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. Your confidential data is crucial to success where exposure can cost you company more then just money. It is important that you do all can by locking down your company’s confidential data and information.


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