Who was the show stealer of 1st DLF IPL Match: A Dog.

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So, I was expecting a grand celebration on the opening match in South Africa but what I watched was a black dog who stolen all the lime light of the opening match. People were just watching that uninvited guest and smiling and same as the dog, he did not want to leave the ground before getting some bribe and left the ground after having something to eat as a bribe.
All players did their best to send the dog back all in vain. He was intended to see, I think Sachin Tendulkar their.
This is not the 1st time that any dog stopped the match. It has happened many times in all parts of the world. They are just uninvited guests. But the incident was funny as well as has lighten the atmosphere of the stadium and the home, office, cafe or any place where people were watching the match.
But One thing I am missing I think the Africa is famous for it’s big cats. So, Where they are? Is Mr. Lalit Modi who is the chief of Ipl, not going to invite big cats their as well. I think it would be a nice treat for the public of the ground and at home.But What we want from him is good cricket without any interruption. He should assure better guarding at the gates of the ground, so that, no dog, cat or any other unwanted guest not come in. Because if these animals can come inside the ground any terrorist or attacker can also come inside and attack our players. He also should remember that safety was the main concern to shift IPL out of India, if that is not enough at there, than why this league should continue?
Hope to see better matches next time.


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