Closing the Data at Rest Security Gap

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Many companies have become concerned with closing the data at rest security gap. It has been easy for some companies to become lacks in there policies because of the relevancy of this kind of information. It is obvious that data at rest is information a company seldom uses but it is none the less the target of thieves. Once accessed by thieves it can be exploited for profit. It may be easy for some companies to rationalize and overlook the need to give budgetary consideration for closing this security gap. This mindset is changed quickly when data at rest is compromised and exploited by unauthorized users.

Concerns about Data at Rest Security

At lot of companies simply store their data at rest on external hard drives and this is fine if it is secure. Encryption technology can prevent the exposure and compromise of confidential information and files. Data at rest must be encrypted for the most secure environment to exist and prevent the unauthorized access to the data. Utilizing encryption technology for data at rest stored in or outside of the host operating system is necessary to address security concerns properly. SanDisk Enterprise utilizes encryption technology that is able to protect data from security breaches even if the data is accessed.

It should be obvious in this day and age data at rest is not secure just because it is stored separate from the host operating system. The use of AES-256 bit algorithm encryption can address many concerns when data at rest is stored on an external hard drive. Even if the drive is stolen access will be useless as the information will be unreadable. Safeguards that are put into place for the purpose of protecting transmitted data must also be used to protect data at rest. Encryption technology is the effective solution to close the security gap.

Protecting Vulnerable Data at Rest

Protecting vulnerable data at rest should be a top priority for a company concerned with the exposure of confidential information. Without substantial protection measures in place confidential information is vulnerable to exploitation. Data at rest may be less relevant to a company presently but it can have a great deal of value to a thief looking to profit from it through exploitation. Unfortunate fact is that a hacker may find data at rest many times easier to gain access because some companies only protect current data. All company data is relevant and security measures should be in place to protect it.

The protection of data at rest should be factored into all security improvements and programs. Companies spend a lot of money to protect the information that is used each day and appears to be most relevant. Data at rest is out of sight and may seem to fall off the radar at times. A hacker knows this and sometimes it has been found they are able to work with a high degree of stealth because of it. Taking measures to incorporate encryption technology for data at rest can save a company thousands of dollars that would result from the proliferation of confidential information.


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