Funky Pong – Online Game Review

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funkypong.jpgYou know you don’t have much to do when you think to yourself, “Today I’m going to pick up a ping pong and a paddle and see how many times I can hit it in the air.”  Well, now you don’t have to spend any money on those expensive ping pong balls.

Okay, so ping pong balls are cheap.  Funky Pong makes them free, and you’ll never lose another one again.  The object of this game is about as simple as it gets.  Just hit the ping pong ball as many times as you can without causing it to fly out of the circular boundary.

There’s not much to say about the graphics.  The ping pong looks like a ping pong (it even has a logo on it).  The paddle looks like a paddle.  The circular boundary looks like a circle.

The game play is just as simple, or it can be pretty difficult if you choose it to be.  The options menu allows you to move a slider left and right to determine how hard or easy your task will be.  It is a very precise slider, too, as just one hair of movement changes the dynamics of the bounce.  There is also the option to change the mode from Game to Practice.  Practice doesn’t add a score, but it gives you a paddle with a target on it to give you an idea of where to try and get the ball to land.  If the ball falls outside of the bullseye, it will fly off in that direction.  How far it flies depends on where the slider is set.  If the ball touches any part of the circular boundary, the game is over.

There’s not too much to review for the sound, either, as there’s only a couple sound bites to the game.  The bounce is a rather exaggerated “boing,” but it works.  If you get a decent score, the audience (who must also be dying for something to do) will cheer you on.

That’s all there is to it.  But sometimes little is better.  It’s something to do when you’re bored and could prove addicting for a little while.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Sports / Arcade

Micke’s Rating: mickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gif


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