The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

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The Legacy:

Whatever happened to the Made In White House, US of America’s famous legacy,”The Buck Stops Here”? Well, it seems to have buckled-up at the knees and appears like a bucked-up loco gone crazy. The Obama government has clerarly made a faux-pas in eventually passing on the buck to the US-Taxpayers –at least that is what one can make out of the government’s Bail Out Plans.Was bailing out American International Group with $170-Billion in bailout money from the US-Treasury and Fedex Reserve a necessity? Paying $165-Million as Bonus to failed executives who nearly throttled their own companies to death is another suicidal act.

Afterthought Knee-Jerk Reaction:

Prez Obama may have got angry and in a reflex action advised the Government to impose Taxes on these Bonuses as an afterthought. It is a puerile attempt at Balancing The Books to fool the public. However, such amateurish Obama measures will neither hold up the American Economy’s deflating canopy nor will it enable him to curry favour with the Wall Street Gamblers. It is all the more shocking as these New Bonuses as part of biased and Voidable Contract, are over and above $121-Million already paid to it’s 6400-employees including Senior Executives!  Either the US-government is suffering from Acute Myopia or a bankruptcy of governance ideas. Even Treasury Secretary, Timothy F. Geithner’s late Heimlich manouevres to put these Financial leeches on the backfoot has failed to produce any kind of positive impact. When Recession-hit Americans are trying to make do without Bread, these Wall Street Money Moghuls continue to fiddle while the USA burns. Nay they are having Cake, Marie Antoinette style at the expense of the much kicked-around American Taxpayer. Equally preposterous is the contention of Edward M. Liddy, Government appointed Chairman of AIG that “these bonuses are necessary to retain the Nations’s Best Executives, and keep them in fine fettle”. As a matter of fact, these AIG-executives are worse than scum and should’ve been sacked at the outset. The US-government has a lot to answer and finally there is a President who thinks nothing of passing on the buck to the US-Taxpayers so that failed Wall Street Executives get their promised bonuses. And what of the Merrill Lynch Chairman spending $1.2-Million to renovate his Office including a $1400-Wastepaper Basket and a $35,000 Commode?! He should be put on Compulsory Community Service, cleaning Public Toilets for 10-years and another 10-years on Garbage detail, clearing Office Wastepaper Baskets.


Incidentally, “Charity Begins At Home”. Likewise, “Austerity Also Begins At Home”, right? No point in snipping others’ pockets until and unless the inhabitants of White House stop behaving like a Runaway White Elephant. Its time the new US-Monarch stopped splurging on Luxuries and Contiinuous Conspicuous Consumption.  If Americans continue to be overworked with trivialities like Malia and Sasha’s Puppies, Bo-peeps and Michelle’s Biceps, then this American Dream is going to turn sour, sooner or later.


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