How to Increase Male Fertility

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Deciding to have a baby is a very significant and exciting decision.  If you and your partner are attempting to have a baby, male fertility can be a very important topic.  There are many things that can affect a man’s sperm quality and fertility.  There are some things that you should avoid if you are trying to achieve maximum fertility as well as some actions you might want to take to increase your fertility.  Knowing some basic information and steps you can take to increase male fertility can significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

To begin with, a man’s general health and physical fitness can affect his fertility and sperm quality.  Eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and keeping stress levels as low as possible will all help to improve a man’s general health, and can, in turn, improve fertility.  However, it is suggested that men avoid soy based products while trying to conceive, as they may have a negative impact on fertility.

Alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs are all believed to have a negative affect not only on a man’s overall health, but also on sperm quality and fertility.  The can decrease the number of sperm produced as well as cause the sperm to have an abnormal morphology, or shape, which can decrease the sperm’s ability to produce pregnancy.  Moderate alcohol consumption should not have a negative affect on fertility, however excessive use can be detrimental to the production of sperm.  Cigarettes and other drugs should be avoided completely.

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