How to Prevent Bad Cat Behavior

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My cat has the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities going on from day to day. He can be the most loving cat in the world following me around the house making sure to always have a spot next to me but some days he turns into his evil alter ego “The demented Dr. Kittlewinks jack ass cat”, where he runs around wide eyed just scanning for the next thing he can get into. He’s very athletic and can jump on top of my refrigerator in a single bound; he climbs door frames (yes not just jumps but he holds on to and climbs). When this happens it’s kind of funny because I feel like I’m living with a crazed wild animal in the house and it just makes things more interesting, but the whole act soon loses its charm and I feel like a victim from “The Birds”. I am currently in the midst of the terror caused by the transformation, he’s currently doing tight circles around me and I’m surrounded by the sound of his claws gripping the carpet to keep traction.

When he first started doing this I thought that it was because he was just going through a bratty phase but soon noticed that when he would do this he would be low on food so maybe he wasn’t trying to be a jerk maybe he was just trying to get my attention. I decided instead of chasing him around with a broom (I never actually did that) that I would just check all his needs, and yeah he did a good job of training me. So ever since the training sunk in and I was successfully programmed, the mastermind and I have had much more tamer days but being the nostalgic old fool that I am I sometimes hide his food just to see the master at work.

Do you feel that your cat is bad, acting like a brat, or has a behavior problem?

Here are a couple things you may want to look for when your cat is acting up.

  • Check his food level and freshness. If there is food it may have been sitting out for too long and the cat may refuse to eat it.
  • Check his water or freshen it up
  • Check the litter box. If the litter box is too dirty then your cat won’t go in it and this will cause him to panic.
  • If everything else fails just give him some love and attention. If he doesn’t seem to want to cuddle break out the toys and play with the little brat.

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