Why We Left Paradise

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Adam and Eve were created but having no knowledge of good and evil knew neither joy nor sorrow. Only the perpetual bliss that accompanies perpetual innocence.They were like children who knew no day from any other. It was a world full of beauty but immeasurable for there was nothing ugly to compare it to. A world without contrast. Utopian in nature but incomplete. Every day they would ask The Lord.

“Are you our father?”

And every day the Lord would answer.

“In form but not in spirit.”

Innocent as they were they left it at that and went upon their daily routine of exploring the garden and giving name to form. One day they came upon a tree guarded by an angel who forbid them from eating from it.

“Why can’t we eat of this tree?” they asked.

The Angel, responded, ” that is not for me to say you must ask The Father.”

So they did just that.

The Father told them, “That is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of it you will gain that knowledge but at a price.”

“What price? They asked.”

“You can no longer eat from the Tree of life until your soul matures.”

“Then will we be like you in form and spirit Father?”

“No. You must first overcome The Adversary. You will experience all manner of pain and sorrow. War with the flesh for untold centuries.Then, you will be able to return and see the garden through my eyes.”

“When we return from where, father?”

“From beyond the gates.”

“Why must we leave Father?”

” Because, Only souls cannot grow in paradise. Only souls cannot grow in the garden of Eden. The soul only grows through adversity. And there is no adversity in paradise.”

“Will you be with us father? Will you help us?”

“I could no longer be able to make decisions for you but you have only to ask and I will be there for I am everywhere.”

“Then that is what we will do Father. We choose to eat of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil and we choose to leave the garden. Then one day we will be like you Father in form and spirit.”


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