How to Handle a Hater

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Now we have identified a hater let’s focus on how to handle a hater. There are two schools of thought when it comes to handling a hater depending on your relationship with the hater. If you are really close to the hater or if the hater is someone in your family you may want to keep them around you but not allow them to bring you down.

Step 1: Determine if the hater is worth keeping in your life. If you have a deep bond with a hater and refuse to send them out of your life then continue to step 2. If you are fine with hurting the hater’s feelings or possibly giving them a heart attack with your happiness then skip step 2 and move directly on to step 3.

Step 2: So you don’t want your hater out of your life but you don’t want them to be around to rain on your parade. Here’s what you do. When you have good news do not tell the hater in person and do not invite the hater to celebrate they will only bring you down, since we have already established that the hater is someone close to you, you must inform them of any eventful news that happens in your life or else they hater will try and bring you down by making you feel guilty. I suggest informing them of all good news through text message, email, or myspace and when they reply to you simply delete the reply without reading it. When doing this the hater will either think they brought you down enough where you were too depressed to reply or the paranoid hater will worry you didn’t get their criticism and call to make sure that they can fart during your dinner.

Step 3: So you have no room for haters in your life. These are non confrontational ways of getting a hater out of your life. Simply make their life miserable by being happy. When the hater tries to say something discrediting or negative just optimistically disagree reassuring them that everything is going to be so wonderful and make sure to look them in their eyes while you do it so they can see all the happiness in your smile. I want you to be happy, I want you to get off on the fact that the hater is hating your happiness and therefore their hate is actually making you happier. The hater will try to look away to keep from overloading but I want you to follow their head with every turn. Even if the hater knows what you’re doing they can’t come out and say it or else they will be exposed as the toxic person they are. Bombard them with your happiness focusing on them as the main person you want to gush to. Call the hater unexpectedly to let them know how happy you are and don’t give them a chance to talk. Make the conversation something you can say without ever pausing and still without pausing make a seamless transition to ending the conversation with saying “ok I got to go now bye”. The hater will voluntarily decide to stay away from you and your happiness. You never let the hater bring you down while getting rid of the hater forever without accusing or starting a fight so you win =D


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