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As there is no great magical “secret” to generating a steady stream of visitors to your website you are best advised not to put all your eggs in the one basket and adopt a multi-faceted campaign strategy. Here are a few of the possibilities that are readily available and easy to implement.

Articles and Directories Submission

One option that most people know about but may overlook is to make sure that you submit your website to directory services as this well help generate a lot of back links. Check out the strongest links site for a fairly extensive list of the more predominant directory linking services on the net.

You can also submit keyword rich articles to various sites to gain back links. Don’t forget to submit your article’s URL to social bookmarking sites such as Simpy, delicious, Digg, Furl and bluedot etc.

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Sites

There are untold numbers of online communities that you can join to promote your website. Some of the possibilities include:,,, and Yahoo Groups to name but a few. The basic idea here is to join groups and start dropping back links or in the case of to thumbs up your site.

Most social networking sites have some form of “friends” arrangement. You join the site, make friends with others of a like mind and then start recommending them to your website. Free reports are big with Yahoo groups.

Social bookmarking sites are another option that you should be using. Links to articles on your website seem to be the most productive in this arena. Sites such as Digg tend to send visitors in bursts. You may get a bunch of visitors now and then zilch. Do not expect any traffic from Digg after 24 hours from the time you posted an article/story.


This one’s as old as the hills. Giving away free reports or other product or service in order to get people to sign-up and join your mailing list is another tried and true marketing strategy. Viral eBooks loaded with your sites links are a favorite.


Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines to generate traffic may be worth considering. They may also be worth considering as a means of monetizing your website or blog. Google Adwords, Microsoft Ad Center and Yahoo Search Marketing are the big three here.

You can submit ads to for free but don’t overdo it as you can get yourself banned for spamming.

Newspapers and the media are possible places for you to advertise but you need to have extensive turnover to make them a viable and profitable proposition.

You can buy advertising on high profile websites from considerably cheaper than with the mass media (TV, radio etc). Just be selective of the sites that places your ads.

As I have already discussed the importance of a fully qualified domain name, website design, SEO and the use of backlinks in other articles on this site I will not go over them again here.


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