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Using Backlinks to Attract Visitors

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Using backlinks to attract visitors to your website can be one of your most profitable long term traffic generation strategies. There are a considerable number of ways in which you can use back links to increase your sites traffic. Here are a few to get you under way:

Blog Commenting – Search your own primary and preferred keywords to locate blogs relevant to your website. Visit select blogs every week or so and leave short comments along with the occasional back link. Every now and then contribute a longer more detailed piece with top quality, well researched information about the topic that is not to be found anywhere else on the blog. Insert your back links into the additional information you have contributed rather than with your comments. – Visit and post your “opinion” on products and services relevant to your website. Don’t forget to include back links to your website in with your post. Try to have your back link in the body of your comment. Most viewers will judge your post to be spam if all you do is leave a five word sentence with your link at the end. Here is an example of what not to do: “Awesome dude. Have you seen the green ones over at”

Forum Linking – Prepare a signature file containing links to your websites or to web pages within a web site. Use catchy titles and your preferred keywords within your links. You can search Google using your preferred keywords to locate forums on topics relevant to your site.

Yahoo Answers – Visit and answer some questions remembering to include back links to your website in an appropriate manner similar to The important thing with this Yahoo site is that your answers should be relevant and correct. So research and verify that you have indeed got it right. If you make a boo-boo here other users will shoot you down in flames and there goes you and your sites credibility. Don’t spam. Users visiting your site from here are considered to be qualified targeted users (the most valuable kind).


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