Mud Rally – Online Game Review

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mudrally.jpgHere is a unique twist to top-view circuit racing.  The description that I saw says that it’s pond racing, but with a name like Mud Rally, it makes me wonder if it’s really just a big mud puddle.  The object is to help the frog drive (yes drive) a lily pad around a small circuit of water for a couple of laps.  I say “drive” because this particular lily pad has a steering wheel.

The graphics are pretty decent.  The frog on the lily pad is well done.  The butterfly animation is nice as well.  There are also bees that get in your way.  The basic layout is blue water, mud and rock boundaries and obstacles, and weeds.  The circuits are somewhat small, but the actual tracks are pretty big, and sometimes you can end up going the wrong way into a dead-end.

The game play is pretty basic, like most top-view circuit games.  Steering is controlled with the left and right arrow keys.  Unlike common top-view racing, there is no acceleration or deceleration as your lily pad will just go with the flow of the current.  You don’t race anybody else, either.  It seems like the race isn’t so much against time as it is against your frog’s hitpoints, although there is a timer that runs up.  You start each race with 100 hitpoints.  If you run into a bee you will get stung for 40 hitpoints, but if you run into a butterfly you will gain 20.  Some levels will start you out under a bee, causing you to lose 40 hitpoints immediately starting the race.  Steering is crucial because you’re on water.  You’ll have to begin steering pretty early before the turn to make the turn successful or you’ll end up running right into the edge of the track.  Bees are sometimes strategically placed in spots where you will hit them if you don’t turn properly around a sharp bend.

The graphics are decent.  It’s not all too difficult, though, and because there’s nobody else to race against I couldn’t give it a high score.

Game type: New Flash (Shockwave)

Genre: Sports

Micke’s Rating: mickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickehalf.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gif


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