Securing your Credit Card Accounts

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Many credit card holders don’t know that, like money, a credit card lying around is as good as finding cash on the floor.  Here are some tips on securing your credit card account from being used by unauthorized persons.

1. Sign your credit card as soon as you receive them.  This will ensure that you are the only one who can use your card.

2. Credit card holders should keep a record of their card number along with the issuing bank’s contact details.  You can immediately call your bank and give them your card number if you lose your card.  Ask them to stop any transactions regarding your lost card.

3.  Keep your credit cards in a secure location or safety box.  Don’t leave your credit card lying around where anybody can just pick it up and use it.

4.  When using your credit card for a purchase, make sure that you are the one to hand your card to the cashier.  This will ensure that no other purchase can be made if someone else was able get your credit card details.

5.  Check the amounts on the transaction slips before you sign them.  Some errors do occur in billing, it is best to check the transaction details before you sign to avoid any inconveniences.

6.  Don’t use your credit car for identification references.  If possible don’t allow any other person to take hold of your card.

7.  Your bank will never ask or call you for your bank details.  If this happens, try calling your bank back to verify it to them.

8.  Keep your transaction slips and verify them with your bank statement once you receive them.

9.  Don’t use your credit card to purchase products online in a public computer shop.  also becareful in the website that you will make a purchase on.  Legit sites usually starts with the http’s and will a lock icon in your browser to let you know that you are in a secure domain.

10. If you are issued a PIN code for ATM cash advance transactions, memorize your PIN and destroy the mailer that waas sent to you.  Don’t chage your PIN in to combinations that could easily be hacked, like your birthday, anniversaries, etc.

Credit cards can make our lives easy, but it could also make it worse.  Use your card in moderation and keep it secure for your financial safety.


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