Taking care of Kids

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I have 4 children two of my kids are special needs, one is austic and also has eplispy, the other one has severe and I do mean severe ADHD which is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. So as you can imagine it can be very changelling and yes I will admit down right difficult at times. But one thing that me and my husband has always stayed true to and that is how we deal with disciplining them. I know this can be a very controverisal topic, I don’t believe in spanking or yelling or screaming at them. Sure we raise our voices that’s unavoidable but there is a big hughe differece between the two.
When it comes to disciplining the kids we use the same apporach and techniquies on all of them. We believe in the reward system, if they do what their told to do then they get to have privelages. Now the privelages are different because each one of them likes different things, like with my oldest son the one that has ADHD he loves video games so to take those away from him is the worst thing he can imagine to have happen. With our younger son he doesnt fully understand the taking away privelages idea yet so we do the timeout method with him and at 4 years old he hates sitting still so that works quit well.
Now when it comes to tanturms I simply ignore them because the main reason for their tanturm is because their not getting their way or getting what they want and so they want attention, I of course make sure he or she is safe and not going to get hurt during their tanturm and if need be I will move them to a safe place without saying a word or showing any kind of emitons becuase as soon as you do your just adding fuel to the fire and their tanturms will be last that much longer. After they have calmed down say after about 5 or 10 minutes after the tanturm I will talk to them so that way they can still share their feeling in a more apporatie way and they still know that I love them.


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