Ten Things You Will See While Driving

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It’s very important to be courteous to each other when we are traveling in our vehicles. Let’s drive cautiously so we can arrive to our destinations safely. Remember to always drive carefully.

1. Courteous Drivers
There are still courteous drivers left on the road. I’m one. Drivers like me drive safely, will offer a ride to someone, will allow vehicles to get in front of mine, will wait patiently while a vehicle is backing out or loading, and the list goes on.

2. Drivers Holding Up Traffic
It is so rude when a driver holds up traffic intentionally. Drivers traveling to their destinations have to wait for the driver of the vehicle in front to continue driving. This could cause road rage.

3. Drivers Ignoring Red Lights And Stop Signs
Drivers ignore red lights and stop signs all the time, and get away with it. Why isn’t law enforcement around when this happens?

4. Fast Drivers
There will always be fast drivers on the road. Speeding is very dangerous. It’s even more dangerous on a street where the speed limit is 30 miles an hour or less. These speed limits are usually in neighborhoods where children are playing.

5. Items Falling
Items falling off a vehicle could be very dangerous. A vehicle behind could be damaged or a driver could be injured. It’s just common sense to make sure every item on top or in the back of a vehicle is secure enough not to fall off or separate from the vehicle, before driving off. There is no excuse for this.

6. Road Rage
People are actually losing their lives to impatient and aggressive drivers. There’s so much road rage in the world today it’s unreal. A person can be thankful to drive away from one of these situations with just having to hear some very bad language.

7. Rude And Aggressive Drivers
Rude and aggressive drivers are not courteous on the road to others. These drivers will pull in front of other vehicles–cutting them off, they are not courteous to pedestrians, they use bad language, they speed, they cause road rage, and the list goes on.

8. Slow Drivers
There will always be slow drivers on the road. Drivers behind one of these vehicles should just be patient. The driver in front might not be sure where they’re going or the driver could be an elderly person. Be patient and wait for the first chance to pass the vehicle.

9. Vehicles Crossing Median Strips
The median strip is in the center of the road or highway for a reason, not for vehicles to drive across. This happens on city roads and highways. Again, where is law enforcement when this happens.

10. Vehicles With No Taillights
Driving with no taillights is very dangerous making it hard for vehicles behind to know when the vehicle will stop. Vehicles with no taillights should not be on the road at all. Driving behind one of these vehicles will definitely cause a driver to feel uneasy. This one really irritates me. Again, be patient and wait for the first chance to pass this vehicle.


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