Gotta Love That Dehydrator!

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Dehydrators are an investment that can save you money. And it doesn’t even take that long to recoup that money. You can get one for as little as $35.

Here are some great ideas to make use of your dehydrator.

Do you like bananas? In my article Bananas, Zucchini, and Strawberries, Oh My! I talked about freezing bananas to bake with. But another alternative is to dry banana slices. They taste so much better than what you buy. They are like night and day. Much healthier too. Store bought bananas have oil added to them. You dry them yourself, and they are just bananas.

Fruit is so good to dry in your dehydrator. You can use the fruit for cereal or to make your own trail mix, which can get very expensive.

You can puree fruits and dry that, making fruit leather. That is like fruit by the foot, just a bit thicker.

You can dry your own herbs. Some people don’t reccommend that but, if you dry it on low enough setting, I have found it to work well.

If you don’t can, you can always dry your vegetables. Plus it saves on space. To store, make sure they are sealed well and put in a dark cool place. Dry onions, certains peppers, garlic and powder them.

Mushrooms can be dried and just soaked in water for thirty minutes before using.

And of course, you can’t forget about drying meats.It works well for that and is a big savings. When meat is on sale buy some and make your own jerky. You can even find jerky making kits. You can make jerky with ground meat as well as strips of meat.

I would recommend when buying one that you get the ones that have the digital temperature guage. They are more accurate than the dial. They do cost a little more, however. But, both kinds are still great.


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