Rule #1, don’t sell Social Security numbers!

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Thursday and Friday, we’ve been hearing about Antwon Tanner, Skills from the cw’s hit drama “One Tree Hill” and how he was caught and of course charged with selling 16 Social Security numbers and 3 counterfeit cards between December 2005 and last July. If you ask me, I am definitely crossing Antwon off my most liked Tree Hill Cast list! On e! online, they posted that he pleaded innocent, even though he did get caught. Hmm…innocent….I think not. Chances are the D.A. is going to find some evidence regarding the distributing of Social Security numbers proving that he is really guilty and ya he could spend up to 5 YEARS IN PRISON! (I bolded for emphasis!)

I wonder why he did it anyways I mean he has a really good role on One Tree Hill and he’s probably making what, $25,000 an episode so why would he create his little side job just to get more money? I wonder if it was worth it?! I also heard that he got Social Security numbers from people that were alive and dead and who knows, with my bad luck, mine was probably given out…just kidding! That’s just really weird and no offense dumb!

I’m not sure if the cw is behind him or not in this whole mess. I’m guessing that if they are, they won’t be playing any episodes for a while and if they aren’t well they probably still won’t because if they do, it’ll seem like they are behind him even though they really wouldn’t be. Besides, won’t that be just as bad if they did play episodes of One Tree Hill because of that support thing? Hmm….maybe someone wants to shed some light on this for me!

Well I hope this is a hard-learned lesson for Antwon, don’t do anything illegal…especially if you’re famous because chances are, someone is watching you or you’re going to get caught.

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