Captain Chaos – Game Review

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captainchaos.jpgHave you raced a sailboat around a circuit lately?  Well if not, you might want to try this game.

Captain Chaos is a top-view racing game pretty much like other top-view racing games.  There are obstacles to avoid and speed boosts.

The controls are simple.  Since you’re racing in a sailboat, there is no accellerator or brakes.  You simply steer with the left and right keys.  Unlike the “common” top-views, this one doesn’t have smooth steering.  Each time you press left or right, your sailboat will turn 45 degrees in that direction.

The graphics aren’t superb, but the objects are still well drawn.  You can tell what everything is at first glance.  Instead of your average oil slick or other street obstacle, these obstacles are sea based.  An octopus here, a whirlpool there, a shark here, etc.

Game play is pretty basic, but I had fun with it.  You race one-on-one against another sailboat.  Yours is green and your opponent’s is red.  As you progress in levels the obstacles become a little more difficult to maneuver around, and eventually some of them will move around in the water, like the sharks.   If you hit these obstacles, your damage meter will rise, taking you one step closer to sinking your boat, and they will slow you down considerably. On the plus side, there are clouds that you can sail under which will give you a short speed boost.  Be careful if you run out of bounds, because the buoys will bounce you back into play and possibly right into an obstacle.

All in all, I thought the game was decent.  It wasn’t spectacular, but it was still fun to play.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Sports

Micke’s Rating: mickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickehalf.gifmickeblank.gifmickeblank.gif


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