Ten Things You Can Expect To Happen At The Office

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1. Excuses To Eat
There’s always a reason to eat at the office. For birthdays, showers, holidays, employees leaving, or whatever reason there is to celebrate by getting together to eat. If you don’t socialize at the office or don’t eat everyone’s cooking, you might be missing out on some good food. It’s interesting to see the diversity of foods brought in by co-workers, some very tasty. I enjoy the Thanksgiving luncheons most of all.

2. The Microwave
There’s always a microwave in an office. A co-worker in the office will burn food in the microwave, usually popcorn. There will also be a co-worker heating up food, which leaves a smell in the office for the rest of the afternoon, usually fish.

There’s always a group of employees who keep the gossip going in the office. Most of the time those same employees are the topic of other gossip in the office. I’ve learned to stay out of these circles.

4.Computer Problems
There are times when employees are unable to use computers while they are being upgraded or there is a technical problem. Employees get happy when this happens. The reality of it is, if you don’t have access to a computer, you won’t be able to get any work done.

5. Fire Drills
There will be a fire drill at least once a year. It starts with a very loud fire alarm, which will cause a person to almost jump out of their seat. Everyone grabs their belongings and head to the nearest stairwell. They are then directed to the designated areas in the front or back of the buildings. Everyone stands and waits approximately ten minutes. Once the fire wardens for each floor advises everyone it’s safe to re-enter the buildings, it’s back to work.

6. Personal Phone Calls
There’s always a co-worker in the office who makes and receives personal phone calls all the time. It doesn’t help when the co-worker is loud, so everyone has to hear the conversation.

7. Staff Meetings
Every office has staff meetings. How often they are held or how long they last depends on the office. I prefer once a month for fifteen minutes, if any at all.

8.  Disappointments
For example, there’s a position an employee has been waiting anxiously to become vacant. When it becomes vacant, the employee applies for it and is interviewed. The employee is not offered the position. The employee is informed later there was an applicant in mind for the position, before they began interviewing. The interviewer was just going through the hiring process. I dislike this one with a passion.

9. Overload Of Work
An overload of work usually happens after an employee leaves a position. Filling a vacant position immediately doesn’t seem a priority these days. If there are employees in the office, who can perform the duties of the vacant position, it seems they wait longer to fill it.

10. Collections
There’s always a reason to collect money from employees or co-workers at the office. There is the birthday fund, flowers, showers, United Way or adopting a family at Christmas. You also have co-workers collecting money for Girl Scout cookies and church or school fund raising items.


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