Cooling down those terrible hot flashes

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Step 1

Those flashes , they happen right out of the blue. It makes you act like the Hulk and rip all your clothes off. Boy that’s a sight ! The best remedy for that is to wear your clothes in layers. You can add on your clothes when ever you change back to your normal self . Being over heated is one thing, cooling down is another. Your body feels as though it went through a drastic change, Which it just did.

Step 2

Try this one for size, You can purchase, cotton or silk when buying your under garments. They keep you cool and will not hold heat. Believe me, you don’t’ want to be hot and sweaty down there NO No No ! These fabrics breathe therefore, keeping you comfortable.

Step 3

You may also want to try herbal remedies, just be careful on what you take. There’s several books that can help you as well . The most important choice is to see your doctor. They can help the most. Not everything works for everyone.

Step 4

Here is a simple family remedy that works well. I have tried this myself. I am also going through menopause at this time in my life. First, you need a wash basin a small one will do. You add a gallon of cool distilled water than add a half cup of baking soda. Water can be room temperature. Mix well then add your wash rag to the solution leave beside your bed each night . When having a hot flash apply cool rag to face ,neck, arms and even your legs. You can also leave on your forehead when done. Drink a small glass of water lay down and relax You will start to feel the heat leave your body. Repeat this as many times as you like. You can use this for children when having a fever as well . ladies this really work. [


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