The Worst Flight Ever

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I  was on my way to Florida from Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of the world, on flight #1305 from KLM Airlines. I had very good seats in the middle of the second row, and was very happy, but the three month old midget next to me couldn’t say the same. Before we even left the ground he was already trying to jump out of the hurricane proof window, to apparently catch a very colorful butterfly. We were all in business class, my mom and I along with the next door midget, so we had a lot of leg room. The three month old, having just seen King Kong, was using the space very wisely, rolling on the carpet and doing summersaults pretending to be the King of the Jungle. He was doing a good job until he hit his head, and began to cry. Unfortunately for me he wasn’t the only “midget” on bored. I had a family of screamers in the row just behind me. They yelled and moved, and jumped on the seats as if they were beds, and when they  felt like it, they would pull a few strands of hair out of my head. It was overall a very charming experience. 

Before boarding the plane I had taken out a Sudoku book to occupy my time on the nine hour flight. As I was doing Sudoku Grid #32, a miniature boat suddenly flew across my face an landed on my Sudoku book. I looked to my right and saw the little boy laughing and smiling at me. He was a very cute kid but at the same time quite annoying. Every time he did something wrong, his parents would give a present, I don’t know what the reason behind this, but it just encouraged him. Soon after I began to see miniature toys flying across my row, most of which were blocked from hitting other people by my head. I became quite frustrated by this and in the end just began to watch a movie.  About half way through the movie I felt something moving under my legs, I looked down, and what do u know, I see the midget looking strait at me and seemed to think that annoying the hell out of me was fun! I Didn’t pay to much attention to him and just shoved him back to where he came from, and his parents greatly appreciated having their lost child back. From then on the flight was great, just until the little pigmies got hungry. You would not be able to hear the end of it. 


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