The True Cost of Convenience

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These days you can get everything in nice ready to go packages. You can get food already made, just heat and eat. You can get meat cut up. You can get vegetables cut-up, peeled, and washed.

All of that stuff is great and can save the time and hassle of dividing it or fixing the food, but is the cost really worth the convenience?

A good example of this is in the meat department. Compare the cost of a roast and stew meat. The stew meat will cost over $1 a pound more than the roast. Save that money and cut up the roast yourself.

That is one example, but if you look at prices, it is that way everywhere in the store. Big, whole carrots cost more than the peeled baby carrots. It costs about the same to buy a two liter of pop soda as it does to buy a twenty ounce size. It might even be cheaper to get the two liter.To buy an eight ounce brick of cream cheese, you will only pay about 20-30 cents more. So the eight ounce size is cheaper.

A great thing to do is instead of buying single serving sizes of cookies or little bags of chips, buy the big bag and divide it into serving sizes. You can get little tupperware containers or just inexpensive sandwich bags.

Another idea, is to slice your own deli meats for sandwiches. If you have your own meat slicer already, it is a good idea. You can buy a boneless turkey breast and bake it and than slice it on the thinnest setting. Do the same thing with any meat.

Buying the potatoes and mashing them yourself is cheaper than getting them out of the refridgerated section.

A lot of times it isn’t more than a few dollars at the register, but over time that adds up.

The best thing you can do is compare prices.


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