A Trip Into Hell

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A college student named Adam had received two tickets to go canoeing, for christmas. They had no expiration date, surprisingly, so he could go when ever he wanted. When you trade in your tickets you get the option to have a guide, and to go solo, or with a group. Adam without a doubt wanted to go with a guide and in group. A week after christmas, Adam’s father, Jack, came back from a business trip. Adam wanted to go canoeing with his father. Adam only had about 2 more weeks of vacation left so he had to go very soon. Adam and his father had arranged to go in 3 days. The next day, Adam and Jack went shopping for their equipment. It was the first time they both ever went, so the got rookie equipment. When they got everything they needed and prepared it for the big day, they went to sleep.   

On the big day, they had a 30 minute drive to the starting camp. They began traveling at about 9:30 in the morning and arrived at about 10:00. They got there early and waited for everybody else. About 10 minutes later, their guide arrived, and the guide said “we must wait for the others”. The guide was Indian and named Vineet. He waited for about another 10 minutes, then he said “we will leave now…” They left…

The guide and family  were on different canoes. Once they got on the river, the guide warned them that part of the river might be frozen at this time of the year, so he told them to follow him. At that point they began to get scared, but they rode on! They were having a good time and they also began to feel confident. But it all began to change. One hour after, the waters began to get choppy, and very harsh. The father being about 75 years old and out of shape, began to get very tired, very quickly, and just slid off the boat. The son being in peak condition, was able to quickly grab his fathers shirt, and pull him back on the boat. The father at this point was unconscious, and the son had to steer the boat while making sure that his father was not thrown off bye the waves. The Guide had been distracted by the commotion had crashed ferociously into a rock. His canoe flipped and the guide disappeared from sight. The son being the only one conscious at this point, was very worried. He docked the boat on shore, it took him several tries, but in the end was able to do it. He stayed the night on the shore, and waited for his father to gain consciousness, but fell asleep. The next day, Adam woke up and woke up his father. They both agreed that they would not survive there, so they moved on. 

Their canoe was broken when Adam crashed it ashore so they needed to move on a foot. They had no idea where to go, so they just followed the river. After an hour of walking, they ran into a part of the river that was frozen. On the other side of the river, about a mile away, they saw smoke coming out of the woods, they assumed it was a group of campers that could help them out. Since the river was frozen they attempted to walk across it. The son went first and after a tense minute and a half he made it across. Jack was next. He made it half way across and it looked like he was going to make it, but just then the ice broke from under him. the current of the river was strong and carried him under the ice. the son being on the other side of the river  tried to catch up to his father. Jack was under the ice but just under the ice there was an area of air, and that area of air was the only reason that the father didn’t die. Adam kept pursuing Jack, and after about a minute was able to catch up to him, and the current slowed down to nothing. his father stood still under the ice, and appeared unconscious. Adam took a rock from nearby and began to pound the ice with it. After about 3 whacks the ice broke, and Adam pulled his father out of the ice. At this point the son had many cuts and bruises, and the father looked even worse. Adam dragged himself and his fathe3r to the shore, and had to make a big decision. He knew that his father could not take another day of pounding like this, and if he waited they might both die. He chose to leave his father along the river, and he left a fire burning for him. Adam left to go find help. He walked for about 4 miles and then he had left the forest. he had now entered a vast  plain.  After this long walk he was very tired and began to look for something to quench his thirst. Since it was so dark, he could only see about 10 feet in front of him. He wandered aimlessly and then he heard water trickling he followed the sound and he had reached a small stream of water. He drank all the water he could and then took a quick nap.

He woke up about an hour later, and he knew that in about 5 hours the sun would go up. when the sun went up his father would begin to worry and would leave and go somewhere else. Adam knew that if his father did this, he would never be able to find his father. Adam pressed on. After a muscle-aching, thirst-quenching, heart breaking mile he was able to see a light far off in the distance, he followed the light and had reached a gas station. The struggle for him was over, but the struggle for the father had just begun. Adam ran into the gas station and began to ask the man behind the counter for help, but before he could finish, he fainted from exhaustion. The man could tell that Adam was very beat up and needed medical attention. The man grabbed the nearest phone and called an ambulance. While Adam was being dragged away by an ambulance, into a safe hospital, his father, Jack, was left behind in the unknowing wilderness. Adam woke up the next day somewhat unaware of what had just happened, and then realized that his father was still out there. He ran out of his room in the hospital, and ran for the nearest phone. He called an ambulance and told them about his father and his location. At first they didn’t believe him, but then they realized that he wasn’t joking. The ambulance then was able to get a chopper. The chopper shortly after then left to go find Jack. Because Adam was in such a bad condition, the hospital did not allow him to leave, he was forced to stay behind and hope that they would find his father. In the chopper the directions that Adam gave them were very vague, but they were able to see a broken canoe, a long way up the river. So they knew he must be close. Soon after they were able to find him but he was in very bad condition. He had many bruises, and cuts, some of which looked infected. Worst of all he seemed to have minor hypothermia. The chopper was able to take him back to the hospital. He was forced to stay in the hospital for about another 2 weeks, but he didn’t mind. Soon after the left they were able to fully recover from their experiences. But unlike many other survival stories they never went canoeing again. 

(The father died a year later in a car crash, at the age of 76.)


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