Critical Eye: Killzone 2

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Where do I begin? This is probably the best game I have ever played. It’s hard to find flaws in this game, so expect this review to have more than just the weak points like my other Critical Eyes.

The Good Things.

Let’s get straight down to business and get the praising over with.

  • The Graphics are phenomenal. Who knew that such a brilliant game world could be made using such a limited and admittedly dull colour selection. Plus, character models are second to none.
  • Death animations are even better. Blood sprays from the exact point your bullet hits. Helghast spin from the force and their arms fly. They die in a frighteningly realistic fashion, though sometimes they can fake it.
  • The sound effects really give you the feel that you’re in a war. Nothing can really be said, except that this has to be played on a surround sound system with the volume pumped up.
  • The intro cinematic. Even better than the first one. Watch it on youtube. NOW!

Now, onto the flaws. And this was hard and I don’t actually care about any of them, I’m just pointing out a few things that have been mentioned to me by associates.

Flaw 1: This is the future?

I’m a little confused by the guns in Killzone 2. Everything else seems to be futuristic. Faster than Light travel, a massive colonial expansion by Earth, huge plasma/lightning cannons and the ISA assault craft have lasers for orbital bombardment. But the guns confuse me. I’m not saying don;t have bullets. In fact, do have bullets, they’re so much more terrifying than flashy lasers. But none of the guns seem to even be on par with modern weaponry with a few small exceptions. Iron sights?! Even now we have more advanced targeting systems. Though…the massive Electricity Gun more than makes up for this,

Flaw 2: Who are you again?

The others in the game are a little difficult to notice. By the time the game’s over I still don’t know who’s who in my squad, beyond “dude with shotgun”, “dude with hat”, “dude who swears a lot”. Despite efforts on Guerrila’s part to make the characters 3-dimensional, I always just see them as meat shields. (And they kind of suck at that).

Flaw 3: Same War, Different place

I’m not going to lie, Killzone 2 is a fairly simple FPS. It doesn’t try to do anything new or fancy. It’s just a good old run-and-gun, hardcore shooter. Besides, what is there to do with a shooter? No FPS I’ve ever played has been more than run-and-gun, despite what reviewers or fanboys may say (yes that was a stab at Halo fanboys, among others *cough*cod 5*cough*). The only one I’ve seen that tried to do more failed abysmally.


Everything I’ve just said? Total bull. Doesn’t matter. I’ve seen hardcore X-Box and Halo players buy PS3s just to play this game. It’s amazing, truly worth its weight in gold. Brilliant gameplay, graphics and online lead to the most amazing game I’ve ever played. Buy it, now.


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