Is Gastric Bypass Surgery Really the Answer?

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Gastric Bypass Surgery has gained considerable notoriety within the past fifteen years.  The operations have become much more safe and apparently they do work however; are they really the solution to permanent and long term weight loss and control.

I am sure that those who have benefited from this surgery would disagree; when you really think about it Gastric Bypass is a drastic way to control ones weight even if the weight was life threatening. 

Basically, Gastric Bypass is done to shrink the size of the stomach so the person doesn’t become as hungry and of course they eat less.  When you really look at the whole picture, the person basically has an eating disorder problem and that goes far beyond making the stomach smaller.

An eating disorder seems to border more along the lines of a psychological problem.  A problem in which a person cannot control the amount of food in which they consume.  A person cannot gain weight on a well balanced diet.  If a person cannot balance their diet than that seems to be more psychological. 

Possibly a person afflicted with this disorder would benefit more from counseling and possibly an appetite suppressant.  I am more for controlling a problem with medication and counseling instead of drastically altering your body functions. 

There are a number of physical problems that can accompany Gastric Bypass Surgery.  These problems are probably not widely talked about if at all.  Most Doctors only focus on the positive aspects of the surgery.  If a person cannot control their food intake that seems to be more of a compulsion and a more of a mental problem.


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