How to Record and Analyze Dreams – Part Two

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Step Eight: Although you are your own unique person with your own unique dreams, you are still human and humans all have the same range of emotions and many humans share common concerns, hopes, dreams, and yes, fears. All of this comes together to create the basis for dream websites and books. The resources can help put you on the right path to making some sense of your dreams, but you have to be honest with yourself and be prepared to face the messages hidden in your dreams. It’s up to you to take what you learn from dream resources, apply the knowledge to your dreams, and then potentially take steps to correct what may be wrong in your life or come to terms with something that took place in the past but is still with you now.

Step Nine: While learning about all the different types of dreams and symbolic imagery, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused. Not everything you dream about should be analyzed because some dreams really don’t have any significance or represent a problem or concern in your life. How then do you know what to focus on and what not to? After some time passes and you’ve been keeping a dream journal and reading up on dream imagery, it’ll become easier to filter out the meaningless objects and places.

Step Ten: Pay particular attention to reoccurring people, objects, places, sensations, and any other element that appears in your dreams. If something is continuing to surface on a regular basis, it may be of importance. It’s also helpful to take notice of what action the reoccurring dream element is executing in your dreams, where it’s located, and any sensation that might be attached to it. Color and size can be of significance as well. Reoccurring dream elements may simply be a result of something that is new and exciting in your life, and if that’s all it is, the reoccurring dream elements will fade as your interest dulls.

Step Eleven: Any dream that leaves a lasting impact on you deserves examination. Be it a disturbing one or a dream that is so wonderful that it leaves you depressed when you wake up. Such dreams can reveal underlying fears or unfilled wants that could potentially influence your future. Fears could actually be warning signs that something you are doing or not doing could cause unnecessary hardship on you or someone else and unfilled wants could lead to bouts of depression and a life that seems empty and bland. None of this takes into account the imagery that cropped up in your disturbing or wonderful dream though, so again, research what the imagery may mean, see if there is a connection between the imagery and your life, and if you’re comfortable talking about it, share it with other people in dream discussion forums as they may be able to help.

Step Twelve: Dreams that seem to have a medical theme or contain elements that relate to disease, sickness, or some form of poor hygiene can actually act as a warning before symptoms show up. These dreams could be sounding the alarm early that something might be on the horizon and that a visit to the doctor, or dentist depending on the dream imagery, might be a good idea. Just as our subconscious can reveal problems that we don’t want to face or haven’t adequately addressed in the form of dreams, the brain can do the same when it comes to health issues.

Step Thirteen: When reading about the significance of colors, numbers, animals, and so on, remember that what you see in your dreams is a product of your personality and experiences. Thus, the general symbolic meaning of the aforementioned elements may not apply to your dreams. After reading about the significance of the color blue, for example, you must ask yourself what the color blue means to you and what you associate blue with both in the past and present. Was blue the color of your first car or bike? Was blue the color of the paint or wallpaper in your bedroom at some point? It’s important to understand what connection or connections a dream detail might have with one or more things in your past or present life. When it comes to analyzing dreams, you sometimes only need to connect a few dots to see the whole picture, but other times, there are many dots that need to be connected, analyzed, and then followed before the mystery is revealed.


  • Consult with a dream specialist if you are experiencing disturbing dreams regularly. Dream specialists are certified professionals.
  • Only attempt to correct small problems on your own. Do not take any drastic measures based on your interpretation or a website’s analysis of dream imagery. Consult with a dream specialist first.
  • Do research at your local library in addition to using online resources – there is a lot of information out there that can help you in your quest to better understand your dreams.

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