Bugs Bunny-Forever Funny

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Ah…, my childhood HERO! Even today,when he’s on tv,I procrastinate with all other duties just to catch him in the action. Isn’t it amazing how he kicks butts of the bad guys!You’ve gotta hand it to him. But he’s always seemed to have a poor sense of navigation.By often forgeting to take LEFT TURN AT ALBUQUERQUE, he ends up in Ali Baba’s cave, South Pole and many other places he didn’t plan to go. I suppose I shouldn’t blame him.I would be lost too if I had to travel by digging underground and having that greedy Duffy as travel companion. All Merry Melodies characters are great, but Bunny is the best. I must admit, most of the comedy found in Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes cartoons is based on comic mischief which some people would have it categorized as violence.Maybe so….!But I dare to say that, it’s nothing like the violence seen on those so called “reality shows”.As if reality isn’t bad enough already,so that they should simulate it on tv. Anyway….,let’s get back to the hero of the story,Bugs Bunny! It’s really COOL to see what happens when adults decide to unleash that inner child a bit, and combine with ideas of a mature mind, like Tex Avery and Robert Mckimson did 70 or 80 years ago. Let’s not forget Mel Blanc,the only voice of Bugs Bunny,Duffy,Rooster Leghorn,Elmer Fud,Porky Pig,Silvester The Cat, Speedy Gonzales,Wile E. Coyote and of course Yosemity Sam.One voice,so many characters!One man with so many voices! No wonder that he is considered as Legend of voice acting,even today,long after his death.WAY TO GO, MEL BLANC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We MISS YOU!!!!But Bugs Bunny still lives on!Amen!So….!What else can be sad about our Bunny.PLENTY!!!!!! Like for instance:On his shows,everything is possible.Bullet dodging,defying gravity,surviving falling objects and long falls, space travel,trading huge chunks of gold for just a couple of carrots and so on…..!It’s hillarious!Isn’t that what all cartoons should be about!?Creating enviroments,events and kind of fun normally impossible to make on movies and tv. Beside comic mischief,there is also plenty of verbal humor and funny facial expressions in Bunny’s cartoons!. Anyway….! If you ever find your kids or even yourself,once in a while, whining about being bored,why don’t you get some snacks (healthy if possible) and drinks, find few episodes of Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes and watch them with your kids or by your self.If you don’t have any or can’t find any on the cable tv,go online and visit this site: http://looneytunes.warnerbros.co.uk/web/homepage/homepage.jsp.You can also find Bugs Bunny on Youtube. I find humor most helpful when I am stressed out.So I watch my Bunny,Disney or morally and eticly clean comedy movie. Now I AM NOT saying you should sucrifice socializing, excercising or outdoor activities for just sitting in front of tv all day watching cartoons or movies.Just consider Bugs Bunny to be great alternative to high stress tv shows,or even to be a good way to relieve stress.Everything in moderation.Even when watching Looney Tunes you have to have sense of moderation.Watch it too much and you get bored,annoyed or even irritable,and all the fun is gone.Bugs bunny is so good that this world could surely use him today to save people the way he does the best !Like in the episode called “Hare Trimmed,when he saved poor old grandma from that “Cotton Pickin’ Menace” Yosemity Sam, and preventing him from stealing her money.All in comic way!Unfortunatly,wishing for a cartoon character to save this wretched world is pretty seally I know, But what a hey…, after I am done with this article I’ll be adult again,so,until then, I might as well be seally as much as I want and enjoy writing this tribute to Bugs Bunny.

Live long and prosper Bunny! And don’t forget to be, as you’ve always been,FOREVER FUNNY!!!!!!!


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