How to Burn Multiple Gamecube Isos to One Disc

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This article is part of a series on modding your Wii/Running Homebrew. If you like this article you should check out the table of contents here.

Are you tired of wasting valuable DVDs by burning 1.37 GB Gamecube ISO’s onto your 4.7 GB DVDs.  This seems wastefull and probably discourages you from making Gamecube backups.  However there is good news:  You can fit three, four, or  even five Gamecube games on one disc!

Step One: Download this file.  Extract the files.

Step Two:  Run the executable.  It should pop up with a window.  Click Add Iso, and add the ISOs you want.

Step Three:  Here’s the tricky thing however, your combined ISO can not be greater than 4.37 GBs.  That means you can fit three full-sized ISO’s on one DVD. However with many Gamecube game ISO’s a large part of the original size is just garbage data used to fill the dvd.  You can selct the “Shrink” checkbox to cut out this garbage data before combining.  This is how you can get four or maybe even more Gamecube ISOs onto one dvd.

Step Four:  When ready click the “Create MultiGame ISO” to begin the process.

Step Five: After it finishes you are ready to burn your MultiGame ISO as you would any image files.

Congratulations you now have A Multigame ISO, that you can run on your Wii.  To find out how click here.

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