Survivng Depression-A Soul Killer

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Chances are that somebody in your family had some form of depression at one time.If not…,you are a lucky one!Still it would be good idea for you to learn all you can about this desease.Like I sad in the title of this article…,depression is a desease that shoots not as much for the human flesh as it shoots for it’s SOUL!At least that’s what I firmly believe in. You can never be ready for it.But at least you’ll know what to expect and what actions to take. And that can make a difference in fight against it. Some people are lucky to recover from it within six months.Sadly I wasn’t one of those. It has been more than 10 years since I had panic adjutated depression.Though I feel much better now then I did then I am still strugling with it.But it’s more now circumstancial then medical.What I mean is that prolonged period of suffering from this desease disables people from looking for work,socializing,being active and generally having normal life.So I got used to sitting at home, doing nothing, feeling sorry for my self,getting overweight and so on…!Once,eager to look for work,having friends,creating family of my own and living good life now I also have to fight to regain those habits.And that is very dificult now.It causes lot of emotional pain.And reverses the progress in fight against depression. DO NOT let depression get best of you,even if it’s just common one which usually last for only few hours or days. I truly believe that the aftermath of a depression can be just as devastating as period spent with it.The sooner you recover from it’s the better. First symptoms of this soul-killer usually display in changes of a persons mood,and starts as medical problem!Then they’re (If left untreated) followed with hole bunch of terrifying symptoms which you can find out about by clicking on the link provided below. Now when fighting depression,it is important that you strictly follow doctors instructions,or you’ll end up like me,still strugling with even more issues which I explained above. Recovering from depression involves other things then just taking medication.Psychiatric therapy,excersise,keeping in touch with friends and family on the regular basis are some of those recovery methods.Depression is terrible,but do not allow it to torment others around you.You can easily let it get the best of you and make you lose friends,family members and etc….!Friends and family canhelp a lot,if you let them.I wish I had someone to offer me moral and love support. Now there is another issue…!And that’s medications for depression.It is just as important to learn everything about all medications for this disease,’cause some are addictive if used for a long period of time,like I have used. I am currently on Celexa and Apo-Divalproex.Now…,Divalproex is ok,but Celexa…!I am ADDICTED to it.So be careful and do your research if you or someone you know are depression sufferer.Don’t be afraid to ask questions about medications that you’re about to be prescribed.When a person is depressed one of the things you DON’T want to do, is to PATRONIZE her/him.It might tick that person off, causing her/him uncontrollable rage or urge to cry.Good humor might help,but it’s not a guarantee.Try to get them evoke in their minds the moments and fillings when they were happy,smiling,laughing and when they enjoyed doing things that they don’t feel like doing anymore.And when they cry,the cruelest thing you can do is walk away or keep insisting that they stop crying.Try to be sympathetic and do take a share of her/his tears.Isn’t kind of sad that people find it so easy to share a persons joy and laughter,but when that person cries, nobody is around.People can truly be cruel sometimes!Anyway….!Medications deal with medical part of depression,psychiatric and other types of therapies are there to prevent depression leaving emotional scars,which can have seriously negative effects on your life in the long run. The reason I still struggle today with depression is because I haven’t followed doctors instructions at all.I was counting solely on medication to heal me from this desease.And that was big mistake,and now I am paying for it.So don’t make mistakes like I did!

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