Build a Simple Rock Collection Display Case

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Whether you are an avid rock and mineral collector, or you simply want to make something for your child to showcase their treasures in, a selection of simple materials and basic and tools is all you need to make a simple rock collection display case. Build this rock collection display case to make both storage and viewing of your stones, the shelves, and fossils easier.

Rock Collection Display Case – Materials Needed

To make a simple rock collection display case, begin with a prefabricated wooden shadow box. These types of wall hangings consist of a wooden frame with many small wooden dividers forming small square and rectangular holes. Be sure to purchase one with openings large enough for the rocks in your collection.

You’ll also need a sheet of acrylic or Plexiglas the same size as the opening of the shadow box. Two small hinges and a hasp are also necessary. The thing and Styrofoam sheets and felt fabric can be used as seats for the rocks in your collection. You can complete this project with an electric drill and a screwdriver.

Rock Collection Display Case – Build It

Begin to build the simple rock collection display case by marking the location of the changes and hasp on the wood in shadow box with a pencil. Mark corresponding holes on the Plexiglas sheet that will form the lid. Screw one side of the hasp and hinge hardware to the wooden shadow box. Use the alike trick drill to make small holes where you have marked on the Plexiglas. Screw the other side of the hinch and hasp hardware to the lid piece.

If any of the openings in the shadow box are too small for the rocks in your collection, use an electric or are hacks all to cut the wooden dividers. These should be easily removable. Say and the edges and repaint or stain them to match the rest of the box.

Cut squares and rectangles of the Styrofoam sheet to fit inside each of hole where you intended to display a rock. Also cut squares of felt fabric, or any other non fraying soft fabric, in the same sizes. Put the Styrofoam and the fabric in the appropriate holes on the shadow box case. This will help cushion your rocks and minerals and display them more neatly.

When you display your collection in the rock display case, you might like to put small labels describing the type of rock or mineral next to the specimen. Mounting glues, or double sided tape can help to keep your rocks in place. The best bet is to store your new rock collection display case on a flat surface.


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