How to Install a Car Seatbelt Extender for Plus Size Adults

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Obesity levels are on the rise in the United States, and more companies are catering to the needs of plus size people. The market for car seatbelt extenders is growing as laws require proper restraint while driving and riding in automobiles. Properly installing a car seatbelt extender for plus size adults will help ensure safety on the road for obese individuals.

Install a Car Seatbelt Extender – Factory Models

Many car manufacturers sell seatbelt extenders that are specifically made for their automobiles. These varieties have male and female buckle ends just like a normal seatbelt. To use them, simply click the existing end of the seatbelt into the proper end of the extender.

To find out if the maker of your car offers seatbelt extenders, call their parts department or the company. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and email them.

Install a Car Seatbelt Extender – Universal Models

If your car company does not offer seatbelt extenders for plus size adults, you make benefit from one of the universale extender models on the market. These consist of seatbelt webbing with sturdy metal pieces on either end and usually come with bolts needed to use them.

To install this type of apparatus, locate the place on the floor or wall of your car where the fixed end of the seatbelt is bolted to the car frame. This is usually directly next to the base of the driver’s or passenger’s side seat. It may be covered by carpeting, but this can be sliced slightly with a sharp utility knife and re-glued after you attach the seatbelt extender.

Unscrew the bolt that holds the seatbelt down and screw on the proper end of the seatbelt extender. The metal bit at that end should be bent slightly to allow it to lay flat against the car piece. Then, use the existing hardware to attach the other end to the end of the existing seatbelt. If this bolt and nut combination does not fit or is too long for comfort, use the hardware included with the seatbelt extender or purchase your own. Make sure the bolt is facing away from your body when you put the seatbelt on to prevent damage to clothing or the seat covers.

Universal seatbelt extenders come in multiple lengths. Purchase the one that will give the plus size adult a securely fitting safety belt in the car. Be sure to follow the installation procedure properly and only use approved car seatbelt extenders in your vehicle.


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