Supervision, structure and sleep

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Spirited children need supervision. Left unattended unbelievable things can occur. This brings me to the lack of impulse control issue my daughter is still trying to overcome. I’ve caught her red-handed so many times and have said, “What on earth made you do this?”

The other morning after a long night with my son, who is a teething toddler, my daughter wakes up and shuts my bedroom door as I continue sleeping. She gets a chair and brings it over to the kitchen cupboards. She must have climbed right onto the counter to reach the Easter chocolate stash on the top shelf. Luckily she wasn’t injured but when I woke up there had to be about 10 tinfoil wrappers from those chocolate eggs scattered in front of the television along with Jada sitting there in her favorite Christmas dress. Even though she knew she shouldn’t and she knew she would be punished when I found her, she did it anyway. Needless to say I always have my alarm set for 6:30 am whether it was a long night or not. I just pray I never sleep in because she never does.

On top of supervision children need structure and a reliable schedule. So in the morning she wants to know right away what our plans for the day will be. There is no lounging at our house at 6:30 am. We make breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth and get started with an energetic day. Outdoor time is always a necessity along with any or all of the following; painting, dancing, and puzzles.


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