Googling is Good for your Brain

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Googling is Good for your Brain

All that surfing you do on google or other search engines is not a time waste, but may actually be good for your brain.

Reaserchers believe that World Wide Web may help elderly patients fight chronic depression and other mental illness.  The study claims that there was twice as much activity in those areas of the brain which controls decision-making and complex reasoning in the Googlers when compared with the tech-shy readers. As searching on google or surfing on net stimulates intellect and when combined with medication, helps in reviving mood and memory.  

A team  from the Center on Aging at the University of California has found that surfing the net stimulates that brain function more then reading a book or any activity. The internet-based assignments created a greater burst of activity in the web-savvy users. Engaging with technology can have important benefits as it involves complex activities, which keeps the brain ticking, perticularly for middle aged and older people.  They may be good in keeping our brains active.”

Curiosity and urge to challange one’s mental faculty promotes neurogenesis. This could come through reading, writing and watching videos as well. While googling help one challange existing concepts, and also provides food for new interllactual debates. For elderly people learning computers is itsself is a challenge. 

As the capacity of spontaneous repair is limited in adult brain to the paucity of the stem cell. In adults degeneration of nerves is compensated by regeneration of idles firbers, so the words “regrow, rewire and retrain” play an important role in mature brain of an adult.

 Internet searching engages complicated brain activity, which may help exercise and improve brain function.


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