Woman’s Rights in Afghanistan

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In Kabul Afghanistan the law may be passed by the government that a husband can demand sex from his wife every four days. Is this rape to demand sex and having no say in the matter? I do believe it is, or at least in this Country. This new law also regulates when and why a wife can leave her home. How in the world can anyone believe this is the right thing to do to a human being?

Afghanistan and the middle east in general wonder why the rest of the world do not understand them and protest their actions. These are just a couple reasons we take notice.

A few hours ago 300 Afghan woman protested these laws and over 1000 others surrounded them as they protested and threw stones at them.  Many others were to join this protest, but were blocked by their husbands and were not allowed to attend. The woman who did manage to make the protest chanted as they stood there that they were doing this for human rights and woman’s rights. The police tried to keep the two groups apart but the Afghan woman were still struck with stones and gravel.

How can woman be treated like this? I am not an activist but with all this going on I may become one very soon. With the uproar of these new Shiite laws and with the attention from activists the Shiite families are saying we are interfering with Afghan affairs.

Of course we are, woman aren’t dogs or animals they are to be treated with respect and dignity. Being  covered from head to toe in Burqas and not being able to leave their homes without a male escort is nuts and now being ordered to give sex?

In my line of work I have met and worked with many of these woman who somehow came to the United States and it is incredible how they were and still are treated  even here in the states. Their culture leaves the boundaries of their homeland and spills over into ours. Of course it is all very hush hush and unless you know some of them personally you would never know it is going on, but they are still treated the same no matter where they call home.

Now with this law of woman having to give their husbands sex whether they want to or not is unjust. When will these people stop! How can anyone that preachers their religion as the best there is do these things to their precious woman. The mothers of their children, the ones who prepare their food and care for their homes.

Yes, as a woman myself I find all of it wrong, and I know that if anyone told me I could not leave my house or needed to give sex when HE wanted it I would tell them to pound sand where the sun don’t shine, but this is not my culture it is theirs.

With the protests from these brave woman who live in Kabul and must abide by these laws I commend. They are finally standing up for their rights and I do hope and pray they conquer their male counterparts in this matter.

Sex to me is a unity of two consenting people. To me it is the closest you can be with another human being. It involves feelings and caring and love. It is not supposed to be just a roll over to satisfy the man who lays beside you. It is precious!

Yes, every country has their own culture and laws but some just do not act as humans but rather as captures. I also realize that if I was brought up in this culture then possibly I would just abide by all these laws and not say an word, but I wasn’t, thank God and I do believe if many of these woman knew this was not the way they should be treated they would also protest, but for fear for their lives and thousands of years instilled in them this is just the way it is. Who knows what the outcome of all this will be, but I still stand by my beliefs and say this is all wrong!


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