Make money by sharing your files with P2P Networks

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It is possible to make money each time you share a file with P2P networks.
You can make $50-$100 each day using this technique. To start with this
technique first you need to select a good pay per install program. I
recommend You can make a minimum of 10cents per
install with this program. The more the installs, the more money you will get
per install.

Since there are many people looking for illegal software and games, this
method works well if you select hot software or a game. There are lots of
people already making money out of this method.

I want to tell you here, how a P2P network works. P2P stands for Peer 2
Peer which is a protocol which allows people to share files between
computers. Usually if you download a software, you will get directly from
the server. For example if you download Avg Antivirus from,
you’ll get the file directly from’s server. With P2P networks,
you’ll get the software from another person’s computer. For example, if you
want to get Nortan Avtivirus you need to buy it. But with P2P networks, if
any other user has Nortan Antivirus with his system, you can get it directly
from his computer. P2P software like Kaaza, Limewire will help you search
for the files you need and you can download the software from any other
computer through this software.

Now let’s start making money with P2P networks. Select a software, music
or video you’re going to share. Celebrities’ videos and antivirus softwares
worked fine for me. Let’s see an example. If you’re going to share avg anti
virus, first download it. After registering with luxecash you’ll get a file
called “Luxecash Installer.exe”.  Make the package.exe by adding luxecash
with Avg setup (Just add Avg setup with Luxecash Installer. It is self
explanatory). Now rename the package.exe to Avg Setup.exe. Share the avg
through P2P networks like Limewire, shareaza etc. Now you’ll get 10cents
per install. Lets see if you shared the file with 50 people a day (With a really
hot software or movie you can share up to 500-1000 depends on the size of
the file). That 50 people share the same file with another 50 people then this
goes on. Imagine your profit!!

You can use this same method to make money with torrents.


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