Susan Boyle and Astrology

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Susan Boyle’s inspirational singing moved people the world over to tears. With Venus trine Uranus in her chart, Susan’s wonderful talent and the amazing impact she has had worldwide has been refreshing and uplifting as well as being a powerful reminder to us all that a book should not be judged by its cover.

Susan Boyle’s short performance on Britain’s Got Talent has made worldwide impact bringing her instant fame. The 47 year old Scottish charity worker’s astounding performance of I Dreamed a Dream left the audience and viewers stunned, many were moved to tears.

Susan Boyle’s Early Life and her Horoscope

Born in April 1961, Susan is the youngest of nine children. Most of her family are musical or creative and has been singing since she was a youngster. With Mercury in Pisces, Susan has a creative, imaginative mind, musical ability and the voice of an angel. Venus trines Uranus in her chart and Mercury trines Neptune, these all combining to show a talent that will make Susan stand out above the rest.

As a child she was bullied badly but got little support from teachers as she couldn’t prove it. She admits the bruises and scars are still there. Venus linking with Saturn in her chart can be indicative of a difficult and lonely childhood and bouts of depression through life. Jupiter in Aquarius provides the willpower, positivity and optimism to overcome any negative times while her Aries sun and Venus in Aries will occasionally push her to take risks. It was a gamble, she admits, entering Britain’s Got Talent. A risk that has paid off.

Susan Boyle’s Star Sign

Venus retrograde in a birth chart can cause difficulties in relationships, in finding the right romantic partner and in achieving fulfilment. This planet’s square with Saturn will have made it all the more difficult for Susan to break out of this rut, but break out of it she has done. People born on a full moon can be destined at some time in life to be in the public eye. They have an innate craving for recognition.

There is spark and fire in Susan’s personality with the sun and Venus in Aries. She admitted to knowing people would be a “wee bit cynical” before her performance but decided to “win them round.” Despite going through some dark times in her life, Susan has the sun square Mars and Jupiter conjunction Saturn in her chart. Her philosophy is “You just have to keep going and take one step at a time and one day you will make it. You just don’t give up.” Her strength of mind kept her strong despite all the ridicule and bullying she has suffered both in childhood and in her adult life.

In less than a week, Susan has gone from obscurity to worldwide fame.

On Susan’s birth the full moon was in Libra. She has Venus retrograde in Aries in her chart and Jupiter in Aquarius  47 years after her birth, when the sun was once again in Aries, the full moon in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius Susan’s life has been transformed. She has taken the world’s stage by storm.


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