Are you ready for IPL?

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So, South Africa has welcomed the grand show of cricket and entertainment which is called IPL and all set to start the show from today. I am ready for the show, are you ready for it?

Yes, I am talking about IPL, once again the heat is growing, once again people are ready to just sit in front of the Tv sets, once again TRP of other channels is going to dip, once again nerves are ready to boil and once again the entertainment is going to be at it’s highest. It was what had happened last year and it is what we are expecting this year as well. Though we know that it is not going to be held in India but I don’t think that it is going to matter at all as we all are ready to watch it on Tv as we know that it is mainly a Televison event rathar than stadium one.

As we know that this time it is going to be held in South Africa which means Indian locals won’t be there to cheer for their city team which sometimes feel little upset but I am sure that South African people and Indian migrants won’t let us down and the heat, the shout, the cheer, the music, the dance will remain the same as it was in India last season. This time South Africa is going to dance on Bollywood music. SA is all set to be colored in the color of India and the cricket. The stadiums are ready to be packed as it rarely happened there.

This is one event when people cheer for their traditional sports rivals as well. Like Kolkata will cheer for Ricky Ponting, Punjab for brett Lee, Delhi for McGrath and so on. This event has taken all the people of the world together as players play for different cities.

What I feel about this event is marriage between cricket and entertainment. Where serious cricket is played with entertainment, like music, dance, Film stars, television coverage, lots of celebrities and many things around.

Hope to see cricket at it’s peak during the season with peace all around.


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