Install Netflix and Hulu in Apple’s Frontrow

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 Adapted from my original article How to Add Netflix and Hulu to Front Row.

Apple’s front row is a great way to enjoy movies, tv shows, and music from your iTunes library. A recent plugin has added Netflix and Hulu to the mix, and it’s actually pretty easy to install.


Step 1. Injecting Hulu and Netflix into Frontrow requires the work of a some additional code. Head over to to grab a copy of Understudy. You may want to bookmark the page so you can check back for news and updates. Nexflix and Hulu especially tend to patch their applications frequently, forcing Understand to respond.

Step 2. Once you’ve downloaded the disk image, double click the package to bring up the installation guide This will allow you to add the Understudy menu to Front row. The Understudy plugin is what really does all the magic here.

Step 3. Open up Frontrow by pressing command+esc or double clicking the Frontrow app in your Applications folder. After a brief pause, the screen will darken and the Frontrow menu will appear. Understudy should now be an option, as pictured below. Under that menu will be a list of the feeds you’ve added. You can go into “Manage Feed” to Add/Remove/Rename/Move a feed. If you want a certain show in particular, you can open up your broswer to find the URL on Hulu or Netflix and then add it by using the Clipboard feature under Add Feeds.


Additional Tips

  • Don’t forget to check the website for Understudy to get program updates!
  • Be aware that any significant updates to iTunes, Frontrow, Hulu or Netflix could cause compatibility problems.

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