Record a Podcast Interview Using Skype, Aim, iChat, etc.

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Maybe you’re new to podcasting, or maybe you’ve been podcasting a while – either way you’re ready to have a guest on your show, and I’m ready to show you how.


Step 1. Fire up Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, or another audio recording program and create a new project. If you’re using Garageband, hit the + button to create a new track. Select Real Instrument Track. Make sure your Input Source on the right is set correctly.

Step 2. Open Skype, AIM, iChat, or another voice chat client that you can use to connect to your guest. I recommend Skype because you can talk to people on their phones with it. Double click your guests contact name from your buddy list or hit Call Phones or Send SMS to call them. If you want to have multiple guests on the show, you can create a conference call by dragging other users off your contact list and into the call.

Step 3. Open Wiretap, or another program that will record audio directly from a program. We’re going to use this software to record what your audio sounds like mixed together, eactly the way you hear it out of Skype. We’ll later use this to line up the individual tracks. In Wiretap, set your sources to your mic and Skype.

Step 4. You’re almost ready. Ask everyone to put on headphones so you don’t get any echo. For the best recording quality, have everyone else also record themselves using Garageband as you set up in Step 1. When every one is ready, hit record on Garageband and on Wiretap.

Step 5. When you’re done recording, import the Wiretap recording in iTunes. Have everyone send you their garageband recordings, and use the Wiretap as a guide to line them up.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t forget to wear headphones
  • Eliminate any possible background noise (fans, windows, tv, speakers, etc)
  • Shut of any cell phones to eliminate potential GSM buzz
  • Make sure everyone sounds clear on Skype
  • Calling phones on Skype costs several cents a minute

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