Twilight the Movie: A Huge Dissapointment to True Twilight Fans

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Let me just start off by saying that I am an absolute huge fan of the Twilight books which I have read multiple times already. I only wish that I could say that I’m a huge fan of the Twilight movie as well. Sadly, this is not the case as the Twilight movie was a huge let down. There are a number of factors that made Twilight such a bad movie. The screenplay was close to what was written in the Twilight book however a lot of important scenes from the book were not included in the Twilight movie and were instead replaced with very stupid scenes made up by the screenwriter (such as Bella’s Science class field trip). The “Meadow” scene in the movie was very off key. This should have been one of the most important scenes in the movie however this too was ruined. The meadow scene was too short and lacked the potential for viewers to truly feel the chemistry and affection between the two main characters. Also during the movie version of the meadow scene Edward had too much anger being portrayed especially when he shows Bella his skin in the sunlight for the first time since this was something he seemed happy to be finally showing her in the book. Along with this there were a number of scenes in the Twilight movie that were very out of place. An example of this is during part of the meadow scene where Bella Swan realizes that Edward Cullen is a Vampire. This should have been part of the conversation between the two on the way home from Port Angeles, and placing it right before the meadow scene dampened the feel that the meadow scene should have portrayed to viewers. Bad film editing as well as directing could also play a factor in the awfulness of this movie as some scenes seemed to be cut at strange places.

The Twilight movie did not hold a candle to the Twilight book. The movie showed very poor character and relationship development. Poor character and relationship development resulted from so many of the scenes being cut too short. The relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the movie lacked intensity, and if one had not read the Twilight book they would not realize the capacity of the friendship that had began to build between Bella and Alice near the end of the book. I strongly feel that both of these two relationships should have been expressed better during the movie and this could have been done by cutting out the unnecessary scenes that were added as fillers and by even making the movie at least a mere 20 minutes longer.

Along with bad screenwriting, the Twilight movie was also brimming with bad acting. Most of the “humans” in this movie were awful making me feel as if I was watching a made for tv movie on a tween network station. The “vampires” were a little more bearable but still not spectacular. Robert Pattinson’s accent slipped through a couple of times which was not acceptable. Those scenes should have been redone to remove the accent. Kristen Stewart had her mouth open showing her upper teeth through the whole movie which was very annoying and distracting. This is also a result of bad directing as the director should have caught these mistakes and corrected them.

As I have said the Twilight movie did not hold a candle to the Twilight book. I feel very ripped off by this movie as it could have very easily been a much better movie if not for the major flaws listed above. As I stated earlier I am a huge fan of the Twilight series and can only hope that the creators of the future Twilight movies (New moon and Eclipse) will consider the feedback received from Twilight and make appropriate changes to assure the next movies in the Twilight series are worth viewing.


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