Real Estate: Homeowner Or Renter

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They don’t have to worry about buying a house. You can have a house as a form of investment and in ten years you can sell it for double the price. You can take that profit and retire well somewhere in the East Coast where homes are low in price. There’re many more benefits to owning a home than renting a home.

When you own a home, you can have a nice back yard to garden but you don’t have one with an apartment. You can have pets in your home where it’s not allowed in an apartment. You won’t have a landlord to worry about like being a renter. Every dollar that you put into your home is an investment instead of a waste. If you pay rent, your money is lost forever and the property is not yours. You can walk out of an apartment without any type of equity. You can build homeowner equity when you own a home. Homeowner equity is an investment and you can loan from it later on. When you own a home, you can profit if the price increase later on.

Owning a home is a serious responsibility but it’ll pay off later on. You can have a place you call home instead of going home to someone else’s apartment. A house is a home if you owned it. It’s not pleasant to drive home to your apartment complex and put up with the noise of your neighbor up-stair or next to your house. It’s better to come home to a quiet home where no one really bother you. You will have peace and quiet where that might be difficult in an apartment complex. A home will make you more happy overall. When you’re happy, you’ll be able to achieve more in life. You don’t have to abide by the rules of the landlord. You can do anything that you feel like. You can have loud parties and your neighbor won’t hear it. There’re so much opportunities to owning a home. You can rent it out even and make more money while living in the house. You can build additional studio in the back and rent it out. When you pay off your home, you can leave it for your children and they don’t have to worry about buying homes. You will spend a lot of money renting but you won’t own anything. The mortgage rate is the same as the renting price sometimes too. There’re so much more advantages to owning a home than renting.


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