How to Get Sexy Bicep Definition

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There is a huge myth that’s been going around for years about bicep definition. It’s been common “knowledge” that if you want to have bicep definition you NEED to lift less weight for more reps. This workout is supposed to shape the bicep muscle to a more however that’s not the case. The fact is that this routine is effective for a different reason. When you lift lighter weights for more reps you are working in a more aerobic way. Aerobic activity burns calories and therefore gets rid of fat. Less fat coverage of the bicep muscle will show more of the bicep muscle’s definition for better bicep definition. The bicep muscle isn’t being shaped differently but the fat is being removed. Though this is effective there is a more efficient way to get the results you want to get bicep definition. It would be more effective to lift normal weight and add an aerobic exercise routine to your workouts. So ultimately you could kill two birds with one stone or you can get better results by tackling each problem separately cutting the trip to bicep definition in half. Lifting heavier weights and fewer reps will make the bicep muscles bigger and more predominate (better bicep definition). The only way to have any influence on the shape of a muscle through exercise is by making it bigger.

Ladies, don’t worry about getting big like a man because it won’t happen unless you really try. Women are not chemically made to get big. I know you see professional female body builders and fear looking like them. Trust me they didn’t get to look like that by accident. Women can get bigger muscles but not big muscles. When I say bigger I’m talking about muscle size. After you lose the fat you will actually be smaller. If you lose 3 inches of fat and gain ½ inch of muscle you still lost 2 ½ inches in your arms and now you have bicep definition.

Keep your workout between 8-12 reps and you’ll be fine.

Now, let’s get rid of that fat to unveil that wonderful shapely defined bicep. Like I said you can’t influence the shape of a muscle through exercise except by making it bigger. When you see someone with great bicep definition I want you to know that’s how all of our biceps look underneath the fat except probably smaller. You want to get a good nonstop 30 minutes of aerobic activity 3 times a week. Do this along with the weights and you’ll be on your way to great bicep definition in no time.


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