Travel: Sightseeing In The Las Vegas Strip

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This is the city that never sleep. People come out during the night time to enjoy the cool weather and the beautiful sight at night. You will find many people walking down the strip during the night time. The night time is probably the best time to go sightseeing on the strip. The weather can be harsh during the day time. During the night time, you will see Luxor’s sky light and pirates fighting outside on the boat at Treasure Island. The show is usually in the night time and not during the day time. If you want to catch free shows then you have to venture out into the strip during the night time.

The entire strip is about an hour walk from one end to the other end. It starts at Mandalay Bay and then it ends somewhere around Stratosphere. When you’re walking down the strip, you will experience the magnificent Eiffel Tower. The tower lit up during the night time and it’s an unforgettable sight. You have to experience the Eiffel Tower at night. The Eiffel Tower is part of Paris casino. Right across from Paris Casino is the Bellagio water park. The water park is a magnificent feature out of the entire strip. It’s in front of Bellagio casino. The water park will have water that dances in streams according to the rhythm of the song. This is probably the best sightseeing on the strip. The water park is the main attraction for tourists walking on the strip. It’s not easy to pass by without stopping. The water dances every fifteen minutes to great Italian love songs. It’s quiet romantic and mesmerizing.

You will have another fantastic show at Treasure Island where pirates fight on the boat ouside of the casino on the boat. There’re music, pirates, beautiful girls, smoke, fire and loud noises. There’s nothing more fascinating then the pirate boat show at TI. The show is free and it happens during the night time and not the day time. You can catch the show by going there around 7pm. Beside the pirates fight, you can also walk on the trail to a couple of other boats at Treasure Island casino. The boat here is probably the best feature of the casino. You can’t walk away from the gigantic boat without taking a picture of it first. The fun part of walking the strip is meeting tourists from all over the world. If you want to go sightseeing then it’s best to come out during the night time so you can see the show, the lights, and enjoy the cool weather. It’s more romantic to stroll down the strip with your date during the night time. You will be able to catch more shows that way while sipping on a Margarita.


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