Top 10 All Time Best Adult Cartoons

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Everybody loves a good top ten and the greatest thing about top ten lists is that you can make one for everything! So I’ve decided to devote my time to giving the people what they want and do some top ten lists on just about anything that pops up into my mind. I am in no means infallibllliable and do not consider my word as the absolute only answer in fact I encourage everyone who reads these to participate and speak your voice about any noun (person place or thing) that you think should have been on the list and I will read your input and consider changing the list if you make a good case. I’m expecting to have to do A LOT of alterations to make these lists the best they can be. Please be respectful with any disagreements you may have as the idea of these lists is aimed at having good natured fun and constructive debate in a friendly cooperative environment.

Top Ten All Time best Nighttime Cartoons:

1) Simpsons- The undisputed king of the category.

2) South Park- The most creative of the bunch using the most vulgar scenarios as relevant analogies of important issues and somehow ending the episode with a moral.

3) Flintstones- It was strange when the Simpsons made its way into prime time as a cartoon back in 1988 but the Flintstones did it in black and white and respect must be given to the cartoon that paved the way for this list to even exist.

4) Family guy- Goofy, random, and just all out fun.

5) King of the Hill- A cartoon that if you close your eyes would make you think it wasn’t a cartoon.

6) Bevis and Butthead- Another fun and mindless cartoon that holds a place in all of our hearts.

7) Space Ghost Coast to Coast- Who would have thought a cartoon late night talk show with real guests could ever be possible, especially the way the guests were often ignored and interrupted during the show.

8) Boondocks- Extremely creative and relevant to the world we live in. I would have had this show much higher on the list if it wasn’t for the seniority the other shows have over the Boondocks.

9) Shin Chan- Probably the least known show on the list but yet one of the best. This show is in my personal top ten but this being the peoples list I have dropped it down due to lack of awareness.

10) The Oblongs- This show is a continually running commentary on classism that anyone living on the bottom of the hill can relate with.


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