Why is Adam Lambert So Hot?

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Adam Lambert, a 26-year-old California native from American Idol 2009 has said that his popularity is overwhelming. Anyone who has gone from obscurity to having 6 million Google searches would find that a bit over the top, but Adam seems to be taking his popularity in stride. Adam Lambert attributes his powerful voice to a background in theater, which probably gives him a little more stamina than other performers. That will come in handy, because celebritites often send long hours practicing and performing. Adam has said that his top priority is to have a great album. He also sees the responsiblity associated with becoming an American Idol because he knows that whether he wants to or not, he will be viewed as a role model for aspiring singers.

Adam Lambert Mad World and Born to Be Wild

Viewers must have grown fond of Adam Lambert’s version of “Born to Be Wild” “Mad World” and “Satisfaction.” Some viewers have stated that Adam has had stellar performances of these songs, and judges have been impressed. Adam Lambert received a standing ovation from all of the judges for his performance. Simon gave Adam Lambert a standing ovation. Imagine that. Adam has been performing since he was about 10 years old. He had been a stage performer for several years prior to appearing on American Idol.

Is Adam Lambert Gay?

People have been buzzing about Adam’s sexuality. Is Adam Lambert gay? Adam Lambert is a contestant on American Idol, and he should be judged on his talent, not on his sexual preference. Adam has been known to wear flamboyent make-up and he has a style all his own. What does that have to do with his singing? It is none of our business. Hopefully, we will all witness yet another success story from American Idol. Will Adam Lambert become the next American Idol star? We all must wait and see how far his talent takes him.


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