Block Ads in Safari

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One of the biggest problems most people had with Apple’s Safari web browser is that it couldn’t block ads. After being a long time Firefox user, many have became spoiled from browsing an internet free of advertising. Now there’s a way to tell Safari to never show you an advertisement! This article will guide you through the process.  Don’t worry, it’s relatively painless.


Step 1. Download the userContent.css file from the floppymoose website (right click and hit Save Linked File to…). This is a small text file that gives Safari rules about how to render a webpage – or in this case, what not to show.

Step 2. Save the userContent.css file to home:Library:Safari or if you’ve already downloaded the file, move it there.  You can really save the file anywhere on your computer, but this seems like the best place to stick it. It is, after all, a resource file.

Step 3. Open up the Safari browser.  Go to the Preferences (under File in the menu bar) and hit the Advancedtab. At the bottom of the pane there’s a stylesheet dropdown. Use the dropdown to chose userContent.css. Exit out of the preferences and that’s it! The internet is now ad-free!

Additional Tips

  • This will block a majority of graphical website ads, but no ad-blocker is perfect.
  • Many websites depend on ad click revenue to survive . . . including Bukisa!  Just something to think about.
  • This same technique will work for any Gecko based agent (Firefox, Netscape, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Camino, etc) as well as Gmal! Just make sure you put it in the correct profile directory folder.

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