How to raise spirited children without going insane

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Boring is never a word used to describe a day spent with my children. My daughter is five now so thankfully she has more impulse control than she did as toddler. My son on the other hand is currently a toddler and he depends on his sister as a major role model.

The number on thing any parent needs to stay on top of is definitely consistency. Being confident in yourself is just as important as being consistent. If those two points are Important for any parent then they are ten times as important for a parent of a spirited child.

The reason I call my children spirited is that they are not only more energetic than the average child but they are extremely intense about everything. The biggest challenge I have with my daughter is still her lack of impulse control. For that reason I was terrified when my son was born. I was so worried she would hurt him out of impulse but here we are today with no serious injuries. We got here by not taking things day-by-day but literally minute-by-minute.

The most important time of the day for me is around eight o’clock when the children are asleep and I get to put my guard down and enjoy some quiet time. I read a good book, have a hot bubble bath or chat uninterrupted on the phone. It’s very important for my sanity to be able to look forward to that time to myself when I can just do what I want which many evenings is simply to engage in adult conversation. That being said I wouldn’t change my children if I had the chance because their personalities make them who they are and they are amazing.


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