Get an Official Invite Without Knowing Anyone

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Tired of begging for invites? Lots of people want to get in on the action, but don’t know anyone with an invite.  This article will show you how to make use of a little known method to be official invited without doing anything against rules.


Step 1. You’re going to need a fairly extensive knowledge of mp3 technology, bitrates, and transcoding.  You’re also going to need to know some IRC basics.  Most of this information can be found at If you think you’re ready, open up your mIRC client ( which can be downloaded from

Step 2. Connect to on either port 6667 or 6697 with SSL enabled.


Step 3. Head to the channel.

Step 4. Run a speedtest at and copy your direct link URL given at the end.  You can improve your speed test by pausing any running downloads or unnecessary connections.

Step 5. Go to your open irc window and type in: !queue your_speedtest.net_link.png where “your_speedtest.net_link.png” is the URL you were given in step 4.


Step 6. This is the hardest part: You’re going to have to wait to be interviewed.  Leave this window open and wait.  The channel is very strict, so make sure to obey all the rules.  If you don’t, you’ll be kicked automatically.  Once you’re called, you’ll be messaged for an interview.  Complete the interview and you’ll be emailed a invite!

Additional Tips

  • Read up on transcoding! I can’t stress this enough.  If you don’t pass the interview, they’ll give you suggestions and you can try again. Wikipedia’s transcoding page is a great place to start.
  • Treat the interview like a job interview.  At the end, it really comes down to a person decision on whether or not they want YOU as part of the community.
  • It won’t hurt your interview to have a good ratio at a private site!
  • Don’t do anything illegal once you’re in!
  • Respect the moderators.

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