How To Save Money Going Green

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There are so many ways to go green,save money and contribute to reducing your carbon foot print. Have you ever considered replacing some of your older appliances with new energy saving efficient Energy Star appliances. Your old washer,dryer,stove,refridgerator,and dishwasher are costing you a lot more money than before.

Another great way to save money and energy is by replacing your old thermostat with a digital programmable energy efficient one. By replacing your old thermostat it will pay for itself more than five times in one year. It only runs when you have it programmed to.

Try replacing old toilets that use too much water and are constantly leaking. A duel flush toilet is very economic. If you have a toilet that just leaks try replacing the guts(flapper and ball cock assembly).

You may want to replace your old ugly light switches, with new clean looking energy efficient dimmer switches. Dimmers can save a lot of energy. You can also replace all of your incandescent light bulbs with new Ecosmart CFL bulbs.

You can try using a water saving shower head or faucet aerators. Of course always caulking drafty windows and doors. Adding insulation to your attic.You can make some extra cash by recycling old aluminum,copper and brass household items. Recycle your aluminum cans. Make a compost bin and use the compost to grow a vegetable garden. The garden will save you lots of money at the grocery store.There are just so many more ways to save money and energy.


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